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June 1, 2023 exmouth Fishing Report


Great fishing again today with our 17 Angler’s putting the Landings rental gear to the test. 29 Bluefin, 6 Yellowfin and 4 Yellowtail in awesome weather.

May 31, 2023 exmouth Fishing Report


Real good fishing today in the morning on 70-125 lb. tuna. The afternoon seemed like it was going to be slow, but low and behold late in the day we got what we think is the biggest cow of the season so far. It taped out at 364 lbs. We see what the scales say.

(Video) Exmouth Fishing 2023 : Part 1 Arrival day - Big Robbo's and Rankin!

May 30, 2023 exmouth Fishing Report


Guadalupe is kicking out some real trophies like this 150 LB yellowfin tuna caught by Randy “king” Walker. Right on Randy!

May 29, 2023 exmouth Fishing Report


Today we scoured the zone we had been seeing our tuna and today they were nowhere to be found. Hoping they show themselves again tomorrow. 16 yellowtail 3 dorado 59 bonito 1 skipjack.

(Video) Exmouth Landbased Fishing

May 28, 2023 exmouth Fishing Report


~~Oct. 13-14
Nothing to report on Oct. 13. More of the same. Though it was our last day so the cocktail hour was to a minimum. We arrived to our destination around 1:30 in the am Tuesday morning. We did a tour for flying fish (to use as bait) but we only caught a few. We kicked the anchor over and most of us got a couple more hours of sleep. Everyone got up at 0400 hours and got to work. Some faster than others. When I woke up George was the only one in the water so I thought I'd give him a hand. I threw a sinker on a rig and dropped down a sardine and 5 minutes later we had our first tuna aboard. About an 80 pounder. It was our sashimi fish. After that there was a whole lot of good shark and small tuna fishing going down so again during a time when no one was in the water (due to having to retie because of shark teeth), I dropped another bait down, this time on the rod Mark likes to call the OJ (no one knows why), and about 20-30 minutes later we had a 196 pounder aboard. While thatwas going on George got hooked up and brought a 218 pounder over the rail. It wasn't even light out yet. After that the sharks fully took over. It was pretty much unfishable so we didn't give it much time, we pulled anchor and got to trolling and for the next 8 hours or so it was steady striking on the wahoos. Damn. We caught about 5 per angler so I'd call that good for sure. For the last few hours we got steady strikes on one of this groups favorite fishing methods, trolling the yummy fliers. We caught a lot of tuna today on those and on the marauders and some on bait. They were all mostly in the 120 pound range.

The weather today sure was interesting. The wind never had much strength but it couldn't pick a direction. One minute it was coming out of the northeast, and the next it was coming out of the west. It did that all day so for that and the sharkies giving us grief we never tried another anchor job today and we're spending the night adrift. It also rained a whole lot this evening. I'd say it was raining cats and dogs when I went to bed but it's cleared up now at 0100 hour as I write this on my watch. One more hour and I'm going back to bed until 5 when we'll all be going back into battle. Hopefully tomorrow these dang sharks leave us alone.

May 27, 2023 exmouth Fishing Report


Aug 19

(Video) Exmouth, Western Australia part 1

A good finish to a good trip today. It started off a slow morning like every morning of this trip started off. It being the last day we just traveled north all morning to increase our fishing time for the day. We bumped into a school of those 50-70 pound bft's mid to late morning and drifted till we were out of time. We landed almost 30 of those beauts before we had to call it and head for the barn. The weather today was great and the ride going up is ideal. The fillet and crab cakes were delish and everyone is tuckered out but me but only because I have to be up.

Thanks again to the Heil group for coming out once again after all these years and creating another memorable trip.

May 26, 2023 exmouth Fishing Report


October 15th, 2012

Hi, friends. We woke up this morning to lovely weather and a lovely Mediterranean omelet for breakfast. Drew didn’t care for the egg dish, at all, but what Drew does care for is his new book that he recently completed in a whopping day-and-a-half, The Hunger Games. That’s right, Drew Henderson is in the club. With no military background or training, I carried out a stealth reconnaissance missioncomplete with a summersaultand snapped a super stealthy photo of Drew getting in a couple chapters in the salon before we began our trolling/mast rotations (you'll see the photo on Sunday). Those books are captivating! I’ve completed the trilogy, Chef Shawn is midway through the second book, and Drew is just starting the second so within a matter of a few days, our book club meetings will be just dandy, complete with T-shirts that read "I Heart Katniss".

Anyhow, on to the fishing. Our morning saw us snag a few nice flatheads on the troll and we also managed a few on the bait/jig rigs. A little bit after lunch; we had a few wahoo strikes with our best stop producing four beautiful skins. Dale Goss to looks to be in the lead for jackpot thus far as he landed what looks to be about a fifty pounder on bait. Although the wahoo action was short-lived, the mahi-mahi action was just enough to keep us busy today and who doesn’t love the mahi-mahi action? For the most part, this area was unproductive but we had to give it a shot, as it will be our only shot fishing south of the 28 latitude this trip.

Speaking of one shot, it was a good thing I got my bronze on these last two days as it might be a little windy the remainder of the trip and I’m going to Oregon when this trip gets back in. Bottom line, I need to glow and not embarrass the reputation of a San Diego boy whom works on a long-range sport fishing vessel that charters the waters deep into Baja California Sur. I've heard that some people in the northwestern states get really depressed because they don't see the sun for months at a time. Fear not, friends of OR/WA, I'm coming up there to spread the joy of sunlight and give hope to those who desperately seek this natural wonder of the universe. It's okay, my cloudy companions, we here on the Polaris Supreme have plenty of UV rays to share and I shall deliver the gift to all of you from all of us. You're welcome.

Okay, back to the topic at hand. At around 1600 hours, we bid farewell to the wahoo zone and began to make our way up the line to not only put us in position to do some yellowtail fishing tomorrow but to also keep ahead of Hurricane Paul. Our weather currently is very nice where we are but in a matter of hours, it won’t be and we’re bailing out to make sure that we don’t stick around to prove the weatherman correct. Hurricane Paul has thrown us a slight curveball but we’re more than happy to fish for some cow yellas, mahi-mahi’s, twenty-five to fifty pound yellowfin, and twenty-five to one hundred and twenty-five pound bluefin tuna closer to home and further from a hurricane. It might be a blessing-in-disguise. We’ll see.

(Video) Land based fishing Exmouth Western Australia Episode 2

So that’s all. We’ll be doing some yellowtail fishing tomorrow before we decide on our next move. We’re taking things as the come and we’ll keep you informed on our whereabouts. Everything is just fine here on the boat and we’re all safe and sound. We’re just hoping that Hurricane Paul is a Chargers fan and fails after giving his all for half of his cycle. I would be very concerned if this hurricane was named Hurricane Peyton. Very concerned.

In closing, I had some time to type up the on-goings of life here on the Polaris Supreme so I took advantage of it. I’m sorry for the novel but to get a better perspective on how we roll here on the Supreme, one must get a perspective on how we live life here on the Supreme. Sometimes, it’s not all about fishing but I promise to give you a glorious fishing report tomorrow. With that, I leave you with a few shout-outs. Take care.

- Joe says hello to his lovely wife, Andy. Hi Andy. You’re the star that shines brightest in Joe’s life.

- Riddler says, and I quote, "no ‘hoo for Chaparro." Sorry Chappy.

- Dan Anderson says hello to his stunning wife, Beverly. Hi Beverly, Dan also says, "Daddy caught you a wahoo. Still working on that grouper."

- I would like to say hi to Layni and also to Herb Yamanaka. That bowl you made was sweet. I forgot who won it but they were pumped. I'm sorry I'll miss you in Oregon. Go Ducks.

-The Supreme Team

May 25, 2023 exmouth Fishing Report


Polaris Supreme Trip Report 09-03-2016Today was departure day for our Simpatico five day charter with Vernon Burke as our charter head. We got off early without a hitch and picked up some nice bait at the bait receivers. We should make the fishing grounds by 6 PM this afternoon and be able to fish a hour and a half and before dark. We will probably be fishing the large grade Bluefin this trip that is out west of San Diego. This grade of fish is a beautiful size it is 50 to 100 pounds most of it right around 80. This should really test our anglers fishing skills.Wish us luck the Polaris supreme crew.

(Video) Sarah's first Spango! An Epic day Exmouth Fishing | Catch and Cook | Caravanning Australia

Weekly Fishing Reports

Fishing reports for exmouth are updated each week, usually by Thursday morning. The reports are compiled by an outside contractor who receives the information from bait shops, marinas and fishing guides.


What are the best months for fishing Exmouth? ›

March to August are good months to visit this north west coast, offering fairly stable weather patterns and consistent fishing. Exmouth has a couple of reputable charter boats and guides, as well as boat hire which offer a range of quality alloy boats up to 7m.

Where are the fish biting in Exmouth? ›

Popular beach fishing spots in Exmouth are Learmonth Jetty, Pebble Beach and the Marina and Canals on the Gulf Side where you can use both lures or bait depending on species you wish to catch.

What fish can you catch in the Exmouth Marina? ›

The marina is also a great spot for young anglers, offering plenty of fun with small queenfish, trevally, jacks, cod, flathead and bream. Fishing from the rock walls anywhere around the marina is worth a try and you just never know what might show up next – a sailfish was even hooked in there a few years back!

How do you fish Exmouth? ›

Coral trout Use large, hole and cut baits such as fresh in- store mullet and squid. Soft plastics work well on these species too. Look for shallow reefy country such as that within Exmouth Gulf. Keep your bait as lightly weighted and close to the bottom as possible.

What month is best for deep-sea fishing? ›

The best time to go 'deep-sea fishing for a variety of medium and larger fish is June or July. You have less competition in June and more so in July. Be sure to check the fishing regulations as they change often.

What is the best day to catch fish? ›

Another good opportunity to fish is on cloudy days since overcast skies cause fish to cruise for food more than on bright days. Light rain is also one of the best fishing times, especially because it washes insects and bait into the water, creating a feeding binge for fish.

Is fishing good in Exmouth? ›

EXMOUTH has been on my bucket list for a long time; the crystal clear water and shallow reefy sand flats of this northwestern peninsula are very appealing for a keen landbased fisho.

What is the best wind for fishing in Exmouth? ›

If the wind is blowing from the south west you can fish in the gulf area, if the wind is blowing from the south east you can target the Ningaloo Reef area of the peninsular.

What fish are common in Exmouth? ›

The fishing spots at Exmouth produce a wide range of tropical species including Coral Trout, Spangled Emperor, Bluebone Tuskfish, Mangrove Jack, Trevally, Queenfish, Bream, Bonefish and Cod. A small boat does open up the fishing options and the protected waters can be fished comfortably.

Can you catch pink snapper in Exmouth? ›

The western gulf, from about Learmonth north, produces tropical reef fish and temperate species such as tailor and pink snapper.

What is the best bait for ruby snapper? ›

Most popular baits will work including cut fish and squid, while rubys will aggressively hit jigs as well. Lights and lumo can work, but can also attract the dreaded green-eye sharks. As mentioned earlier, electric reels are the preferred way to target them.

How do you catch a fish for sure? ›

Five Tips to Catch More Fish
  1. Choose the best time of the day. Fish are more active in low-light conditions, when they feel less threatened by predators. ...
  2. Choose the best spot. ...
  3. Cast past. ...
  4. Wear polarized sunglasses. ...
  5. Steady Does It.
Jul 1, 2019

Where are the squid in Exmouth? ›

Learmonth Jetty near Exmouth is one such location where you should always carry a squid jig, as is the long jetty at Busselton. Both these locations will produce squid during the day, however as mentioned before, just on dark is prime time.

What not to eat before deep sea fishing? ›

Stay away from spicy or acidic foods, which may upset your stomach and digestive system. You should also avoid processed and greasy foods. Before you go on a fishing trip, the best foods are light and bland foods, such as freshly sourced and nutritious meals.

Which fish thrives best in deep sea water? ›

Fishes of the deep sea
  • Viperfish (Chauliodus species) Depth: 400m to 1km. ...
  • Stoplight loosejaw (Malacosteus niger) Depth: 500m to 1km. ...
  • Footballfish (Himantolophus groenlandicus) ...
  • Black seadevil (Melanocetus johnsonii) ...
  • Rattail, also called grenadier (species in the family Macrouridae) ...
  • Coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae)

Is deep sea fishing better at night? ›

Fish are More Active

The fish were active during the evening and perhaps they've had their fill once the sun rises. That's one of the reason why many anglers prefer to hit the water at night. If you're interested, call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises.

What time do fish bite the most? ›

The best time to go fishing is typically either early morning or late evening when food is abundant and fish naturally feed. Within an hour of sunrise and an hour after sunset are the times when fish are likely to bite the most. Fishing for some species of fish is much better at night than during the day.

What time of day are fish most active? ›

Before we dig into the details, however, we can make one blanket statement: fish just about everywhere are almost always active at sunrise and sunset. These periods of changing light levels trigger feeding behavior in all kinds of predatory fish.

Is it better to fish in the morning or afternoon in the ocean? ›


Specifically, dawn or dusk are generally the best time to go saltwater fishing if the weather and tidal movements are favorable. Remember to reference a saltwater tide chart to see which range of hours during the day will be the best fishing tide times.

Why is Exmouth popular? ›

With stunning turquoise waters for snorkelling and diving, great opportunities for fishing, epic surf conditions and plenty of marine life, Exmouth is one of Australia's best-kept secrets. From April to July, Exmouth is most popular for its whale shark season and June to October is the perfect time for whale watching.

What is the most wanted fish to catch? ›

The Most Popular Game Fish in the U.S.

Black Bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth) Panfish. Trout. Catfish/Bullhead.

What fishing records are in Exmouth? ›

The current record is held by Melanie Kisbee, who caught a 452kg (996lbs) blue marlin in 1999 off Batemans Bay in New South Wales. Rowan Smith owns the WA record after hooking a 369kg (813lbs) blue marlin off Exmouth in February 2014.

What bait is best for wind? ›

Spinner-baits and crankbaits are best bass lures for me in the wind. “I like a heavy, 3/4- to 1-ounce, tandem spinner-bait with a number 3 1/2-size Colorado blade and a number 5 willowleaf blade for fishing windy areas. Chartreuse-and-white, black-and-gold are good spinner-bait color combinations.

What are the worst winds for fishing? ›

As a general rule, anything over three foot seas with winds of 20 to 25 knots creates conditions that are no longer safe for fishing.

What are the best baits to fish in the wind? ›

For the most part, reaction baits like crankbaits, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, and jerkbaits are perfect for windy days. They can be fished quickly as you move and search for feeding bass and since the water is churned up, bass will be feeding somewhere.

Does Exmouth have sharks? ›

There are up to 600 whale sharks in Exmouth at the peak of whale shark season, making it one of the best places in the world to see these gentle giants up close.

Does Exmouth have crocodiles? ›

Crocodiles. Crocodiles are not normally found on the Ningaloo Coast, but there have been rare and isolated occurences of estuarine or saltwater (saltie) crocodiles in the area.

What is the name of the most poisonous fish which look like a rock? ›

Stonefish have 13 spines lining its back that release venom under pressure. If you inadvertently step on a stonefish thinking it's a harmless rock, it will pop up its dorsal spines and release venom from two sacs at the base of each spine. Unsurprisingly, the more venom that is injected, the worse it is for you.

What is the best bait for pink snapper? ›

All snapper eat squid. Octopus is a gem. West Australian pilchards, South Australian pilchards, doesn't matter where they come from, but snapper just love pillies. And they also love cuttlefish and any fresh bait you're catching on the location.

How deep is pink snapper? ›

Pink snapper typically live in waters 20-250 m deep. They are demersal (bottom-dwelling) but also spend some of their lives in the mid to upper water levels.

How far offshore to catch Red Snapper? ›

The bulk of the big red snapper are 20 to 30 miles offshore, but I've caught them as close as 10 miles offshore. They never ever used to be in that close.” When fishing for big red snapper, Brown anchors over natural bottom, artificial reefs and wrecks — any structure that holds baitfish — on his boat Teaser2.

What time of year is best for snapper? ›

Snapper present excellent angling opportunities year-round, with winter being a particularly good time to hunt down trophy fish that inhabit shallow reefs. Dawn and dusk is a prime-time for seducing snapper, since many fish rely on low light for camouflage, especially in shallow water.

What is the best leader for red snapper? ›

The wire is the best leader material for snapper fishing, as it is strong enough to help reel in big snappers, and resilient enough for the small ones which love to thrash about once they are hooked. Make sure that your fishing rod is equipped with wire leader material before you head on out and catch some snappers.

What pound test for red snapper? ›

Again, when targeting snappers, such as muttons and reds, go with 50-pound fluorocarbon. For big grouper or amberjack, go with a minimum of 80-pound fluorocarbon, and as heavy as 100-pound test (for goliath grouper, use 180- to 220-pound test).

What is the rarest saltwater fish to catch? ›

The Bladefin basslet (Jeboehlkia gladifer) is one of the rarest saltwater fish known to have ever been caught and sold to a collector. These fish live at incredible depths of over 150m, making them almost impossible to catch.

What saltwater fish fights the hardest? ›

Hardcore fish come in many different flavors.
  • Our Top 10 List of the Toughest Fighting Fish in the Ocean. Blue Marlin. ...
  • BLUE MARLIN. ...
  • SWORDFISH. ...
  • WAHOO.
Jun 28, 2022

What is the least fishy tasting saltwater fish? ›

Tilapia – tilapia is arguably the mildest tasting fish there is. It's not fishy at all and has a mild sweetness. Tilapia is easy to prepare and goes well with a variety of different flavor profiles.

What to do once you catch a fish? ›

Bring along a cooler with plenty of ice to store your catch until you get home - make sure the lid seals tightly. To preserve a fresh taste, clean your fish as soon as possible. It's best to eat the fish the same day you catch it. If this is not possible, you can store it your refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Why am I not catching fish? ›

If you see other anglers catching fish in the same area but you aren't, then chances are you are using the wrong lure or bait. It's important to switch up your lures and technique. Some fish, such as bass, are capable of learning fishing patterns. If you drop the same lure in every time, the fish may get wise to it.

What are 3 things you need to catch a fish? ›

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Tie on a fish hook.

Do fish get scared when caught? ›

Fish have nerves, just like cats, dogs, and humans, so they can feel pain. Hooked fish endure not only physical pain but also terror.

Are there mud crabs in Exmouth? ›

Fish the incoming tide with a steady berley trail. Blue manna and mud crabs are also plentiful in the gulf.

What is the lizard of Exmouth? ›

The Exmouth spiny-tailed gecko (Strophurus rankini), also known commonly as Rankin's spiny-tailed gecko, is a species of lizard in the family Diplodactylidae. The species is endemic to Western Australia.

What months are coral trout best? ›

While coral trout spawn during the spring months, they can be found all year round. The best time for a catch in a shallow reef is from April to June.

What time of year is best to sea fish? ›

What is the best time to go saltwater fishing? In regards to the time of year, Autumn is the best time to go saltwater fishing. It offers the overlap of summer species and migrating winter species. Spring is often viewed as the worst time and this is when fewer bites happen from most species.

What time of year is best for reef fishing? ›

The early spring is the time when anglers can enjoy fishing and see the beauty of the reefs. But most importantly, it's a period of time when no rain falls and the vast majority of fish species become active. All of this means that fishermen can get the most effective results during this time of the year.

What time of year are trout biggest? ›

Conventional wisdom suggests that late spring is the best time to catch trout, especially if you're looking for larger fish. The warmer it gets, the more fishing pressure from other anglers, the thicker the grass and brush surrounding their habitats and the lower the water levels.

What is the best live bait for coral trout? ›

Bait. Remember, coral trout are largely fish-eating predators. Younger specimens mostly eat crustaceans, especially prawns, which live on or near the reef bottom. Nothing beats live bait.

Where is the best place to catch coral trout? ›

Top Coral Trout Fishing destinations

You can find coral trout living in various locations across the Western Pacific Ocean. Destinations such as Tonga, Fiji, Japan, French Polynesia, Australia. As the name suggests, they enjoy living in and around areas of coral reefs and have been found as far as 100m in water depth.

What's the best bait for fishing in saltwater? ›

Shrimp is a go to bait for saltwater anglers. This all-purpose bait works because shrimp are common in saltwater environments and fish are attracted to the scent and movement. Dead or alive shrimp can be used to catch fish onshore or offshore.

What moon phase is best for saltwater fishing? ›

If you plan to go saltwater fishing, consider the fact that a new moon or full moon will cause stronger or more pronounced tidal movement due to the pull of gravity. When there is more water movement, there is also generally more bait movement, and more fish feeding activity.

Do reef fish bite at night? ›

If you pick a good location, the fish will come even though it's dark, and with luck, your anchored boat will be the site of a fish frenzy in no time. A lot of saltwater fish like to feed at night so don't be surprised if a lot of them go after the chum, especially the snappers.

Is it good to fish in the rain saltwater? ›

Fishing during a light rain makes your casting lines less noticeable. Plus, rain can affect how well the fish are biting. Bugs tend to be nearer to the water's surface when it's raining. This tends to entice fish closer to the surface and therefore makes them easier to see and catch.

Where do reef fish go at night? ›

While fish do not sleep in the same way that land mammals sleep, most fish do rest. Research shows that fish may reduce their activity and metabolism while remaining alert to danger. Some fish float in place, some wedge themselves into a secure spot in the mud or coral, and some even locate a suitable nest.


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