Stardew Valley: 12 Challenge Runs For Veteran Players (2023)

As endlessly playable and addicting a game Stardew Valley can be, going through the motions of doing the same thing each time around will eventually get tiresome. The game offers ways to mix up each playthrough, with different choices of spouse or new farm layouts. However, that's not enough to last forever.

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Thankfully, the community has filled in the gap and come up with a whole host of challenges players can enforce upon themselves. Some of these require reaching goals under time limits. Others require adjusting the playstyle entirely to account for restrictions. All of them are sure to make for a unique Stardew Valley playthrough.

Updated February 11, 2022, by Ryan Woodrow: With Stardew Valley approaching the 6th anniversary of its official launch, some players have seen everything there is to see inside this charming life-simulator. Despite several content updates growing the game into a surprisingly large-scale experience, long-time players are always looking for new ways to challenge themselves and add a little bit of difficulty to an otherwise very relaxing game. They come in all shapes and sizes, be it striving for a seemingly unobtainable goal, to heavily restricting the ways in which the player can progress. These challenges are all perfect for veteran Stardew Valley players.

12 Achieve Perfection

Stardew Valley: 12 Challenge Runs For Veteran Players (1)
  • Fulfill all of Mr. Qi's Perfection Challenges.

This is technically something the game tasks players with doing, but the scale of the challenge may make players stray away on their first playthrough of the game. However, those players who haven't done it may want to consider coming back and seeing what's on offer.

By and large, these challenges require players to make the final push for 100% completion. Players must have shipped every item, caught every fish, reached high friendships with everyone, and so much more. If players start a new game with these end-game challenges in mind, they can make quite the headstart on them in the early game.

11 Trimmed Lucky Purple Shorts

Stardew Valley: 12 Challenge Runs For Veteran Players (2)
  • Tailor Lewis' Lucky Purple Shorts with a Gold Bar.

One of the strangest quests players will get in Stardew Valley is a quest from Mayor Lewis, who asks the player to retrieve their lucky purple shorts, as he lost them somewhere he claims he can't remember. In reality, this quest is to help players clock onto the not-so-secret secret in town that Marine and Lewis are secretly an item.

There are a bunch of mischievous things the player can do with Lewis' shorts once they have found them. They can put them on their display at the Stardew Valley Fair or place them in the potluck for the Luau, both of which get a unique response from Lewis.

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The funniest, though, is to tailor them with a Gold Bar, which makes them very flashy, but also allows them to be worn by the player. Doing so will get a unique response from Marnie. Weirdly, players can actually get infinite of these items by placing a Staircase into their pants slot.

10 Botanist

  • Only grow and sell flowers on the farm.

Many players often don't bother with some of the less useful crops in the game. Flowers are one such crop, and many players only tend to grow them to fulfill the Community Center requirements or occasionally as an easy gift for a Villager that likes them.

Making them the driving force of the farm is a great way to change players' perspectives on them. There are different flowers available in every season, which sell for variable amounts, however, they will hopefully get players to learn the interesting things about how they work. For example, many can be crafted into useful items, and some even affect the quality of honey produced by nearby beehives.

9 Being A Hermit

Stardew Valley: 12 Challenge Runs For Veteran Players (4)
  • Players may only leave the farm for one day each year.

Anyone who's played Stardew Valley will know that it's far more than just a farming game. However, this challenge forces players to consider what it would be like if that was all they could do. Confining the player to the four walls of their farm poses many fun restrictions.

Without regular access to crops, players will need to make mixed seeds and find creative ways of growing things, and they will need to pick their type of farm carefully, to have unique sources of income. Players will have to spend the entire year preparing for the one day where they're allowed to leave the farm and purchase supplies for the year ahead. It shows a real mastery of the game to get the most out of so little.

8 Dedicated To The Community

Stardew Valley: 12 Challenge Runs For Veteran Players (5)
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  • Complete the Community Center Within Year 1.

One of the most commonly suggested challenges, this puts a strict deadline on something that normally doesn't have one. This will test how well players really know the game, as the Community Center requires engaging with almost all aspects of the game.

Players will need to know what seasons every crop and every species of fish appear in. They'll need to quickly build an efficient farm to get the money required for more expensive aspects like animals within Year 1. If players plan ahead, then it shouldn't be too tricky, but pulling it off is still a feat worth celebrating.

7 Single-Purpose Farm

Stardew Valley: 12 Challenge Runs For Veteran Players (6)
  • Before the game begins, pickone good (or type of good) to focus on.
  • Players may only sell their chosen goods.

This is a good one for working under limitations, as having only one product sellable severely limits earning potential throughout the game. What players choose is entirely up to them, and will create an entirely different experience either way.

Players could pick an artisan good like Wine, which takes a while to get but pays well. At the opposite end of the spectrum is Wood or Stone, which is easily harvestable from Day 1 but doesn't earn much in small amounts. Players will have to develop efficient ways to get themselves going and then use mechanics they may not have previously engaged with to achieve worthwhile profits.

6 Archaeology

Stardew Valley: 12 Challenge Runs For Veteran Players (7)
  • Fill the Museum by the end of Year 2.

The Museum is a cool aspect of Stardew Valley that makes mining a little more interesting. The thrill of uncovering some sort of artifact or rare mineral never goes away when opening Geodes, and the rewards players can get from filling it up are worth the investment.

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However, many players will never bother to get 100% in this aspect because it takes a fair bit of grinding. Getting the right things from digging & Geodes is luck-based, and some players don't have the patience to sit around grinding for ages. This is fair, but focusing on it is a great way to ensure players properly engage with this oft-overlooked aspect.

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5 Mass Production

Stardew Valley: 12 Challenge Runs For Veteran Players (8)
  • Produce 999 of every type of Artisan Good.
  • Sell all 999 in one go.

This simple challenge may take a while, but is perhaps one of the most satisfying to complete. Artisan Goods are the most consistent way of making money players will get throughout the game. They turn not very profitable crops into money-making machines for the cost of nothing but time.

That said, producing just under one thousand of anything takes a lot of work. This will require players to spend all day on their farm harvesting Fruits, Veggies & Animal Produce in order to keep their machines running and their goods rolling in. It'll take a lot of time & effort, but seeing the money pour in after dumping 999 in the casket is as satisfying as it gets.

4 Pizza Parlor

Stardew Valley: 12 Challenge Runs For Veteran Players (9)
  • Players can only grow/produce goods used in making Pizza.
  • Players can only sell Pizza.
  • Players must build a shed ASAP and decorate it as their Pizza Parlor.

This is a sillier challenge that is still a lot of fun when done right. This is similar to the Single-Purpose farm challenge, only it adds a few extra steps to proceedings. For one thing, players will still be producing multiple types of goods. Secondly, it's all in service of making delicious pizza.

It's one of the only challenges that comes with a fun role-play aspect, too, as building a Pizza Parlor using the game's somewhat limited decoration options can be a good creative challenge. It can also open players up to the value of using their goods for cooking stuff, rather than always selling them or using them or Artisan Goods.

3 Vegan Farmer

Stardew Valley: 12 Challenge Runs For Veteran Players (10)
  • Players can only produce & sell goods suitable for Vegans.

While the dietary needs of the general public are usually left for the consumer to worry about, this challenge flips the system. It puts the onus on the farmer to provide only Vegan-friendly produce and see how that limits their income.

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To put it simply, this means absolutely no animal products or any item that uses them. This includes any tools or clothes that include leather, fur, or wool. For further challenge, players could also extend this to the monsters in the mines and slimes, meaning fighting them is an absolute no-no.

2 Boycott Pierre

Stardew Valley: 12 Challenge Runs For Veteran Players (11)
  • Never buy anything from Pierre, seeds included.

While Pierre seems like a lovely small-town store owner on the surface, those who have really gotten to know him, his wife, and his daughter, will know that he's not as wholesome as he seems. He has a very outdated worldview of a women's role in society and is unnecessarily strict on his daughter, Abigail.

He isn't the best husband to Caroline, either. He focuses all his energy on work, leaving little time for her, and there are hints dropped in the game that he may be unfaithful to boot. That means it's not unreasonable to want to avoid giving the man any money, which is what this challenge does. It means many vital resources (including seeds) will be hard to come by, and players will need to invest in their foraging skills to get anywhere.

1 Five Candles

Stardew Valley: 12 Challenge Runs For Veteran Players (12)
  • In Grandpa's Evaluation, get all 21 available points.

While Stardew Valley is an infinite game, what many players consider to be the "end" of the game is the event at the beginning of Year 3 where Grandpa's ghost returns and evaluates the player's performance throughout the game.

The game never communicates how it tracks this, but it's through a points system. Players are granted points when they reach certain milestones. Only 12 points are required to light all four candles and get Grandpa's reward, so getting all 21 is essentially asking the player to 100% the game within the first 2 years. The full list of points is as follows:

  • 50,000g Earned - 1 Point
  • 100,000g Earned - 1 Point
  • 200,000g Earned - 1 Point
  • 300,000g Earned - 1 Point
  • 500,000g Earned - 1 Point
  • 1,000,000g Earned - 2 Points
  • 30 Total Levels in Skills - 1 Point
  • 50 Total Levels in Skills - 1 Point
  • Completed Museum Collection - 1 Point
  • Caught Every Fish - 1 Point
  • Shipped Every Item - 1 Point
  • Married with Two House Upgrades - 1 Point
  • Eight Hearts of Friendship with Five Villagers - 1 Point
  • Eight Hearts of Friendship with Ten Villagers - 1 Point
  • Five Hearts of Friendship with Pet - 1 Point
  • Community Center Completed - 1 Point
  • Community Center Ceremony Held - 2 Points
  • Skull Key Obtained - 1 Point
  • Rusty Key Obtained - 1 Point

Stardew Valley is available now on Android, iOS, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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How many hours does it take to 100% Stardew Valley? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Stardew Valley is about 52½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 156 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the no sell challenge Stardew Valley? ›

The No Bin Stardew Valley Challenge

This means that players would still grow crops, raise farm animals, and fish, but they can only be saved until the final day and can't be sold before then. Items cannot be sold at shops around town, either.

How long is 6000 Stardew? ›

It'll turn into Caviar in 6,000 in-game minutes, or four in-game days.

Does Stardew Valley end after 3 years? ›

One of the biggest questions in Stardew Valley is whether there is actually an end to the game or not. And the answer is: there isn't one. After three years, the player's grandfather appears to the player in a dream sequence to discuss the player's time at the farm and how they have adapted to living to farm life.

What is the longest someone has played Stardew Valley? ›

Most Stardew Valley Playtime Ladder (Worldwide)
#Steam IDPlaytime (H)
4Magic Conch29,828
156 more rows

Is there a villain in Stardew Valley? ›

Type of Villains

JojaMart is the main antagonistic faction of Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone's indie simulation role-playing game Stardew Valley.

What is the rarest item in Stardew? ›

The prismatic shard and galaxy sword are each incredibly rare so finding either, or both, is a real treat.

What is the rarest event in Stardew Valley? ›

With only a 0.001 percent chance of appearing, spotting the UFO drifting across your Profit Screen is the rarest random event that can occur in Stardew Valley.

How long is 1 hour in Stardew Valley? ›

One in-game hour equals 43 seconds. One in-game season equals 401 minutes 20 seconds (~6.689 hours).

Does Stardew go forever? ›

This is straightforward for a lot of games, but with Stardew Valley though, there is no 'end'. As you play on your farm, you will come across various milestones and progress trackers, but there is no end to the game. Players can continue farming for years in the game without growing bored.

What does 100 Stardew get you? ›

The perfection score measures how much of the game content you've completed. Achieving a perfection of 100% unlocks extra endgame content.

What should I not donate to museum Stardew? ›

What Should I Not Donate To Museum Stardew? There are a few things that you should not donate to the Stardew Valley Museum. These items include: weapons, tools, and anything that is considered to be a quest item. Also, any items that you have not yet identified should not be donated as well.

What happens when you buy Pam a house in Stardew Valley? ›

Once the house is built, entering the town from the Bus Stop will trigger a cutscene during which the player can choose to tell Pam who paid for the home or to remain anonymous. Regardless of the choice, friendship with Pam will increase by 4 hearts.

What is the most profitable Stardew? ›

Starfruit is, in many ways, both the most iconic and most profitable crop in Stardew Valley. It sells for a massive 750g, twice its buying price of 400g from the Oasis Shop, which must be unlocked by completing the Vault Community Center bundle.

What happens if you go the JojaMart route? ›

Playing the JojaMart route mostly gives players time back for other activities, like making friends in the community, or pursuing activities like farming and foraging for their intrinsic enjoyment value. Similar to Herriman, Aimee Hart did the JojaMart route because she didn't want to collect all the items.

Do you age in Stardew Valley? ›

Ageing doesn't happen in Stardew Valley

Once they are born, they will age to toddlers in another 14 days. But that's where the aging stops. They will stay toddlers for the rest of the game, no matter how long that is. The same can be said for players, though they don't age even for the 14 days like babies do.

What is the end goal of Stardew Valley? ›

In Stardew Valley, there are many of these goals including completing the community center, the museum collection, catching every fish, shipping every possible item., and more. Many of these end game goals are completionist goals and tasks that will take the player a great deal of time to accomplish.

Who is the best Stardew Valley player in the world? ›

Top Players of 2019 for Stardew Valley
Player ID% of Total
50 more rows

What is the fastest speedrun of Stardew Valley? ›

AGDQ speedrunner completes 'Stardew Valley' in 17 minutes by bombing his farm. Stardew Valley. Credit: ConcernedApe. During Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ), a Stardew Valley speedrunner managed to complete the game in just 17 minutes – though he did have to blow up his farm and bin his tools to get the job done.

Who has the saddest backstory in Stardew Valley? ›

Kent is one of the many villagers in Pelican Town and sadly, he has a rather depressing secret that is never fully discussed in the game. Kent definitely suffers from PTSD, it is heavily alluded to due to some of his actions.

Is Joja bad Stardew Valley? ›

Overall, it's never overtly stated that Joja Corp is evil, but given the reflection of capitalism in real life, it's safe to say that Joja Mart doesn't have the best intentions. The company is actively trying to establish a monopoly in Pelican Town, and wiping out the local grocery store.

Do Stardew characters get pregnant? ›

Once you've found and married your true love in Stardew Valley, you'll be able to have kids. You're limited to a maximum of two kids, and there are some things you'll need to do before the game gives you the option at all.

What is the weird alien thing in Stardew Valley? ›

What to Do With the Alien Capsule. The Strange Capsule has now crash-landed on the farm. It's filled with goo and something alive; the player can see it through the murky liquid on occasion. Players can now move, place, or pick up the Strange Capsule with a pickaxe.

What is the most loved gift in Stardew Valley? ›

  • 8 Honey. ...
  • 7 Maple Syrup. ...
  • 6 Fruit Tree Fruit. ...
  • 5 Prismatic Shard. ...
  • 4 Rabbit's Foot. ...
  • 3 Magic Rock Candy. ...
  • 2 Golden Pumpkin. The Golden Pumpkin is another favorite thing among Stardew Valley characters, appearing on every villager's Loved list. ...
  • 1 Pearl. Like the previous two items, this gift is adored by each and every villager.
Jan 12, 2022

What is the biggest secret in Stardew Valley? ›

There are a variety of random events that can occur during a Stardew Valley playthrough, but one of the rarest and most obscure is the appearance of a Strange Capsule. After players' first year, there's a 0.8% chance of finding this alien object on their farm.

Is there a max luck in Stardew Valley? ›

Possible Levels of Luck

Your daily luck in Stardew Valley is on a scale from -0.7 to 0.7 and can be checked by watching the "Fortune Teller" channel on your television.

Is there a 12 Heart event in Stardew Valley? ›

12 Harvey. To trigger this event, players will need to upgrade their house for a second time and come home between 8 pm and 12 pm. It doesn't have multiple parts like most of the events but shows just how sweet Harvey can be. When the player enters the house they learn that Harvey has cooked dinner.

What is the rarest fruit in Stardew Valley? ›

Sweet Gem Berry
SeedRare Seed
Growth Time24 days
5 more rows
Dec 16, 2022

Is 100 Stardew Valley hard? ›

There is an overwhelming amount of content in Stardew Valley, but it is possible to get 100 percent completion, or perfection, as it's referred to in the game. With the 1.5 update, we were given a way to track our progress, as well as some rewards for reaching that top milestone.

How long is every 10 minutes in Stardew Valley? ›

One displayed time step of 10 minutes in-game equals about 7.17 seconds. One in-game hour equals 43 seconds.

What happens when you 100% Stardew? ›

The perfection score measures how much of the game content a player has completed. Achieving a score of 100% unlocks extra endgame content.

Is Stardew Valley good for your brain? ›

Video games like Stardew Valley can teach us quite a bit about self-care, as they give us a chance to relax our minds and bodies while still doing something that requires a bit of brain power. Stardew Valley is both peaceful and fulfilling, which is the perfect combination for HSPs who enjoy their alone time.

Is 75 Profit Margin good Stardew Valley? ›

Choose 75%, 50%, or 25%. The lower your Profit Margin, the less you will earn when selling items.

Can Stardew Valley go on forever? ›

This is straightforward for a lot of games, but with Stardew Valley though, there is no 'end'. As you play on your farm, you will come across various milestones and progress trackers, but there is no end to the game. Players can continue farming for years in the game without growing bored.

Why is Stardew Valley so addictive? ›

Sense Of Accomplishment

Stardew Valley is certainly a reward-motivated game. There aren't any difficult controls and complex mechanics to master within the game to experience that sense of accomplishment. Rather it comes from the gradual and extremely satisfying growth of your farm.

How many years can you live in Stardew Valley? ›

Ageing doesn't happen in Stardew Valley

But that's where the aging stops. They will stay toddlers for the rest of the game, no matter how long that is. The same can be said for players, though they don't age even for the 14 days like babies do.

What is the rarest item in Stardew Valley? ›

The prismatic shard and galaxy sword are each incredibly rare so finding either, or both, is a real treat.

What happens when you collect all 8 Rarecrows in Stardew Valley? ›

Rarecrows work the same way as regular Scarecrows, except for the Alien Scarecrow, which hats can be placed on. Soon after collecting all 8 rarecrows (usually the next day) a letter will arrive with the recipe to craft a Deluxe Scarecrow. 800. 10,000.


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