Stardew Valley Farm Types | What Is the Best Farm – Guide Fall (2023)

There are many reasons to return to Stardew Valley in recent months. With the amazing patch 1.5, ConcernedApe continues to support this fantastic work of art. If you start a new game within this next patch, you’ll see that you have a few new farm types to choose from, now seven in total! All of these types affect how much land you have to work with and which resources your farm will have right outside your door. So, are any of these farms going to overcome the titan that is the Standard Farm?

What Are the Best Farm Types in Stardew Valley?

There are seven total farm types to choose from, and each of them come with a certain affinity. For instance, the Standard Farm is great for farming, and offers resources and land dedicated to that job. You can select any of these farms by choosing the corresponding picture to the right of your Character Creator.

All Farm Types

Standard Farm

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The Standard Farm is what you’ll likely remember from older versions of Stardew Valley. It’s a large, circular surface full of dirt and opportunity.

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The farm has very small bodies of water, and is ultimately poor for fishing. However, you have so much farming land! You have 3,427 tiles that you can till, with a 1,953 continuous rectangular area. This is exceptionally customizable, and very, very easy to farm with.

Riverland Farm

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The Riverland Farm is the ultimate fishing farm. Your farm is completely flooded, and you only have so much land to work with. However, water being right outside your door comes with its own advantages!

You have two pools of fish that you can work with. You have a high chance to catch fish from Pelican Town, and a lower chance to catch fish from the Cindersap Forest. This means you have a big selection of fish to nab, and they’re all right outside your door. How convenient! With loads of islands to walk to, you can keep your fishing fresh.

However, your farming suffers greatly. You have 1,578 tiles to work with – a loss of almost 2,000 tiles compared to your Standard – and awfulconsistent rectangles. Your organization is heavily, heavily limited. And all for slightly easier fishing!

Forest Farm

Stardew Valley Farm Types | What Is the Best Farm – Guide Fall (3)

Your farm got a touch crowded, huh? The Forest Farm is crowded with foraging items. Bushes, trees, weeds… All over the place.

In addition, unlike your standard farms, you can find respawning Large Stumps, seasonal forage items, and Weeds that drop mixed seeds in the Western Clearing. Your foragables are as follows:

  • Spring: Dandelion, leek, Morel, and Wild Horseradish
  • Summer: Common Mushroom, Grape, Spice Berry, and Sweet Pea
  • Fall: Chanterelle, Common Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, and Red Mushroom

You also have slightly better fishing then your Standard Farm, with a chance to catch Woodskip and Pond Fish. However, there is a high chance to collect trash.

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Sadly, this forest area comes at a massive cost. 1,413 tiles of farming land. The lowest in the game. You still have plenty of buildable land for some basic structures, but your crops will not have much room to stretch.

Hill-Top Farm

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The Hill-Top farm is for players who dearly wish to mine. You spawn different Stones, Ore nodes, and Geode nodes depending on your Mining Level. This quarry has respawning stones that appear every 4th day. However, you can get unlucky if there’s a Large Stump, Large Log, or a Boulder in the way. That’d stink!

There’s a stream that goes by, with a 50% chance to catch useful items.

This quarry, and some additional cliffs, does decrease your farming space. 1,648 tiles isn’t the worst in the game, but it’s not stellar. You also have limited building area compared to other maps… Though, it’s not bad at all. Perfect for having a consistent, easy mining source!

Wilderness Farm

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You’ve chosen one of the spookiest farms in history! The Wilderness Farm spawns monsters at night, which lets you find items that are monster-based. As your Combat Level increases, you will get rarer monsters. That means you won’t have to travel far to gather combat-oriented items.

There are also fishing areas. You actually get a 35% chance to get Mountain fish. That’s a much shorter trip, if you want to stay in your starting farm! Great for that small chance to get rare items.

This farm is also relatively large; 2,131 is an impressive amount of tillable tiles. You’re only about 1,000 down. Not bad!

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Four-Corners Farm

Stardew Valley Farm Types | What Is the Best Farm – Guide Fall (6)

The Four Corners farm is designed with multiplayer in mind. The corners are designed with some ideas from the four other basic maps:

  • The Top Left is the forest, which is the Forager area; Mixed Seeds and a Large Stump.
  • The Top Right is the Standard farm. It has the most raw farming space, and holds the basic farmhouse.
  • The Bottom Left has the pond, which has a good chance of catching fish.
  • Finally, the Bottom Right has a small quarry that generates Ore and Geode Nodes. Great area for grabbing a few ores!

Despite it beingmassive compared to other maps, it still doesn’t have the most farming land. 2,952 tiles is great, but doesn’t actually reach the same level as the Standard Farm. However, nobody can doubt that this map is great for multiplayer.

Beach Farm

Stardew Valley Farm Types | What Is the Best Farm – Guide Fall (7)

This farm is… interesting. The Beach Farm is designed with gathering in mind. You’ll get some forest and beach foragables that spawn infrequently about. You have good fishing, as the ocean is right next to your home.

There’s a big, big problem, however. There are exactly 202 tiles that you can put Sprinklers on. That might sound like a lot, but if you’re putting together a big farm… Yeah, that’s not a good place to put it. You need to plan ahead and figure out what parts of the farmable land are needed.

That being said, you can technically till on 2,700 tiles. Knowing your crops is important here will be useful, as you can decide what crops are most important and what you can move to other parts of your island paradise and use your Watering Can on. You’ll also need other sources of income, which experienced players won’t find too tricky. And it might be worth it for more chances at rare collectables.

Best Farm Types

The best farm in Stardew Valley is still the Standard Farm. The resources of the other farms are great, without a doubt, but you can’t get the massive amount of farmland with any other map. It’s also very safe and simple: Just make your farm and care for it.

For multiplayer, Four Corners is interesting and it simplifies multiplayer. Everyone can have their chosen roles and get some small benefit out of the space. Farming, Foraging, Fishing, and Mining are all strong occupations.

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Otherwise, the Beach area is great for those who know where to get good watering cans and spend their time efficiently. However, it’s not the best choice for new players, namely because it requires a lot of extra attention.

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Which type of farm is best Stardew Valley? ›

It is recommended to either go for the Four Corners Farm, as it provides a little of everything and offers ample space for farming, or the Forest Farm, as its foraging and extra hardwood can be incredibly useful. You could also consider the Beach Farm if you're interested in a challenge.

What is the best thing to grow in the fall Stardew Valley? ›

The single most profitable crop in the fall has to be sweet gem berries. Neither a fruit nor a vegetable, this mysterious crop grows from a rare seed worth 1,000g but can be sold for 3,000g. These seeds take 24 days, almost a whole month, to grow in-game.

What type of farm is most profitable Stardew Valley? ›

Starfruit is, in many ways, both the most iconic and most profitable crop in Stardew Valley. It sells for a massive 750g, twice its buying price of 400g from the Oasis Shop, which must be unlocked by completing the Vault Community Center bundle.

What are the different types of farm Stardew Valley? ›

The Forest Farm encourages Foraging. The Hill-top Farm encourages Mining. The Wilderness Farm encourages Combat (but does not give any Combat experience for it). The Four Corners Farm offers perks from other maps and encourages Multiplayer.

Which Stardew Valley farm is the hardest? ›

The Beach Farm is the most difficult map available in Stardew Valley, giving longtime players a tough new challenge during gameplay.

How do you get a perfect farm Stardew? ›

Stardew Valley: 10 Tips To Make A Highly Profitable Farm
  1. 3 Be Picky With Professions.
  2. 4 Master The Skull Cavern & Ginger Island. ...
  3. 5 Consider Where Machines Are Placed. ...
  4. 6 Maximize Building Usage. ...
  5. 7 Automatize Whenever Possible. ...
  6. 8 Find Other Places To Plant. ...
  7. 9 Look For Produce That Reproduces. ...
  8. 10 Use Chosen Farm To Its Advantage. ...
Aug 29, 2021

What should I farm in fall? ›

Many vegetables can be sown now to mature during the next two months, when the cooler weather of autumn will improve their flavor and quality. These include beets, carrots, escarole, endive, greens, kale and collards, kohlrabi, lettuce, bunching onions, peas, radishes, spinach, Swiss chard, and turnips.

What should I focus on in fall Stardew? ›

With that, here's what to do during fall in Stardew Valley.
  1. 1 Cultivate Rare Seeds.
  2. 2 Produce And Gather As Much Hay As Possible. ...
  3. 3 Prepare Gifts For Eight Birthdays. ...
  4. 4 Capture Fall Season Fish. ...
  5. 5 Prepare For The Stardew Valley Fair. ...
  6. 6 Forage For Mushrooms And More. ...
  7. 7 Put Everything Into Harvesting Crops. ...
  8. 8 Grow Cranberries. ...
Mar 23, 2022

What makes the most profit in fall Stardew? ›

Most Valuable Fall Crop: Sweet Gem Berry

The sweet gem berry grows during fall and is technically the most profitable crop in Stardew Valley. It grows from rare seeds purchased from the Traveling Cart, usually costing between 600-1,000g.

What type of farms make the most money? ›

Most Profitable Agricultural Business Ideas in 2021
  • Vertical Farming. Market value: $3.9 billion. ...
  • Precision Farming. Market value: $7 billion. ...
  • Apiculture. Market value: $8.3 billion. ...
  • Microgreens. Market value: $10.9 billion. ...
  • Vegan Food. Market value: $14.4 billion.
Mar 30, 2021

What farm produce makes the most money? ›

Top 13 Most Profitable Crops To Grow
  • Considerations for Small Farms.
  • 1) Mushrooms.
  • 2) Microgreens.
  • 3) Ginseng.
  • 4) Lavender.
  • 5) Saffron.
  • 6) Goji Berries.
  • 7) Wasabi.

What is the rarest crop in Stardew Valley? ›

The Rare Seed is a type of seed. A mature plant yields a Sweet Gem Berry. 600–1,000g each. (It is possible for Rare Seeds to occupy two slots in the merchant's offerings in Spring and Summer).
Rare Seed
Traveling Cart:1,000g (Spring and Summer) 600–1,000g (1.26% chance, any season)
10 more rows
Nov 4, 2022

Is it better to choose forester or gatherer Stardew Valley? ›

Although the question itself really boils down to playstyle, on paper, it's generally a better choice to choose Gatherer. Both perks provide great boons to players just starting their adventure but there's a clear-cut difference once players hit level 10 in Foraging and are able to take the next perk in their tree.

Is Wilderness farm any good? ›

The Wilderness Farm map offers the most potential for monster-slaying, especially since the rare Wilderness Golems have a greater chance to spawn here than elsewhere. If players seek the kinds of loot dropped by monsters and wish to see a lot of combat in Stardew Valley, this is definitely the best Farm map.

Can you invite Linus to live on farm? ›

"I'd like to invite Linus to live on the farm with me." - Robin will offer to build a home on the player's property, but Linus politely declines, albeit a little hurt since he says he chooses to live the way he does. He then tells the player he appreciates their friendship, but they shouldn't try to "help" him.

What is the biggest secret in Stardew Valley? ›

There are a variety of random events that can occur during a Stardew Valley playthrough, but one of the rarest and most obscure is the appearance of a Strange Capsule. After players' first year, there's a 0.8% chance of finding this alien object on their farm.

What makes the most profit Stardew? ›

Wine is the most valuable artisan good that players can make, as it is worth three times the value of the fruit that's placed in the keg to make it. Once the fruit has been turned into wine, it can be put into a cask, just like pale ale, and aged to increase its quality.

What happens when you get 100 perfection Stardew Valley? ›

The perfection score measures how much of the game content you've completed. Achieving a perfection of 100% unlocks extra endgame content.

What should I prioritize in Stardew Valley? ›

1 Prioritize The Backpack Upgrade

Upgrading the backpack should be one of the first things every player should aim to save up for! Inventory upgrades should almost always take priority. Making trips back and forth from farm to chest, chest to store, and back can be a waste of time and energy.

Why is fall the best season for harvest? ›

Warm temperatures and little rain mean that farmers are able to get in the field and stay there until the crop is harvested. Other years we've been fighting rain and even snow! Harvest is a very rewarding time on the farm.

When should I start fall crops? ›

Generally speaking, here's the rule of thumb: 10-12 weeks before first frost: Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, celery. 8-10 weeks before first frost: Arugula, Chinese cabbage, collards, kale, lettuce, mustard greens, spinach, Swiss chart, turnips. 6-8 weeks before first frost: Beets, radishes.

Is Stardew Valley good for your brain? ›

Video games like Stardew Valley can teach us quite a bit about self-care, as they give us a chance to relax our minds and bodies while still doing something that requires a bit of brain power. Stardew Valley is both peaceful and fulfilling, which is the perfect combination for HSPs who enjoy their alone time.

Can you fall in love in Stardew Valley? ›

To romance a character in Stardew Valley, you'll need to build up your friendship rating with them. This can be found in the menu, represented by a heart scale. To increase the rating, give gifts to each character, or complete certain character-specific quests. Once you get that rating high enough, it's all systems go.

Can it thunderstorm in fall Stardew? ›

1 Storms - Harness The Lightning

Summer 13 and Summer 26 will always be stormy days every year. That said, there is still a random chance for storms on every other day in Spring, Summer, and Fall. During stormy days, lightning may randomly strike and destroy tiles on the farm.

Why is it best to plant in fall? ›

Fall is Good for Root Growth

Warm soil temperatures encourage root growth – more so than in the spring when the soil is still warming up. Plus, with the shorter days and cooler air temperatures, plants spend less energy on growing foliage and flowers and more on building a strong root system in preparation for winter.

What fruit is good in the fall? ›

Fruit: cranberries, apples, pomegranates, citrus fruits, and pears. Green veggies: arugula, broccoli, spinach, kale, celery, and artichokes. Root veggies: onions, carrots, squash, pumpkin, turnips, and sweet potato.

Can you plant onions in the fall? ›

Onions can be planted in the fall for a mid-summer crop. They can also be planted in the spring for a late autumn or early winter crop. Onions are one of the most important home garden crops available for cultivation today. If planted at the proper time of year, they are easy to grow.

What is best way to make money in fall Stardew Valley? ›

Fall Crops

Aside from the Rare Seed which can cost a fortune from the Traveling Cart in Stardew Valley, Eggplant is the best bet for those looking to make a profit in their first Fall. Eggplant seeds cost just 20 gold at Pierre's, the base fruit sells for 60 gold, and it regrows every 5 days.

Do cows or goats make more money Stardew? ›

Goats are basically neck-in-neck with Cows in terms of profit, but they make slightly less in a week because they produce Milk every other day, unlike Cows who make Milk every day.

Which type of farming is best? ›

Organic farming is a perfect business idea for new generation farmers. These days most people use organic products for better health. It means the demand for organic products is increasing. By the production of organic fruits, vegetables, and flowers, you can earn good returns.

Is lavender a good cash crop? ›

You can earn as much as $120,000 per acre in ideal conditions by selling fresh or dried lavender. And you can earn even more by creating your own value-added lavender products like soaps or lotions. What is this? The great thing about lavender is that you can grow it for a profit on nearly any scale.

Which plant gives more money? ›

Money plant (pothos) is known to bring wealth and good luck to the house and helps in overcoming financial obstacles.

What are the 4 cash crops? ›

Through the years, several profitable cash crops have become high-yielding farmer favorites: Rice, maize/corn, wheat, and soybeans: On a global scale, rice, maize, and wheat are the most valuable earners.

What is the easiest cash crop to grow? ›

Easy Crops to Grow From Seed
  • Lettuce. Lettuce can be sown directly in your garden bed, or started indoors for transplanting. ...
  • Peas. Snap, snow, and shelling peas are all best sown as early as the soil can be worked in spring. ...
  • Radishes. ...
  • Turnips. ...
  • Beans. ...
  • Sunflowers. ...
  • Sweet Potatoes. ...
  • Winter Squash, including Pumpkins.

Is rubber a cash crop? ›

Permanent field cultivation has been associated with traditional cash crop production in the forest region. The crops involved are cocoa, oil palm, rubber, and kola for the market (Hunter 1969).

Is it better to be a forester or gatherer in Stardew Valley? ›

Although the question itself really boils down to playstyle, on paper, it's generally a better choice to choose Gatherer. Both perks provide great boons to players just starting their adventure but there's a clear-cut difference once players hit level 10 in Foraging and are able to take the next perk in their tree.

Which is better artisan or agriculturist Stardew Valley? ›

In a general context, Artisan is the better profession by far. The 40% increase in the sale price for all Artisan goods is more than enough to counter the buff provided by the Agriculturist profession. Artisan is especially useful during your late game, as it enables you to generate tons of profits relatively quickly.

What should I choose forester or gatherer Stardew Valley? ›

Between Forester and Gatherer, the Gatherer is by far the better Forager profession in Stardew Valley. Forester leads to higher quantities of Hardwood, but Gatherer stands to make you much more money.

Which Stardew Valley farm is the best Reddit? ›

Four Corners is my favorite map for a standard all-purpose farm, because it's so easy to divide up all your buildings and various activities into their own mini zones, and you get a little bit of everything the other maps offer (respawning hardwood, good fishing water, mini quarries).

Who is the most useful spouse in Stardew Valley? ›

1. Abigail Is the Best Wife In Stardew Valley. When it comes to Stardew Valley, Abigail is undeniably the best potential marriage partner.

Does gender matter Stardew Valley? ›

Your appearance options aren't locked behind the gender choice at all, so you can freely pick between appearances while having the game make use of whatever pronouns you've decided on. Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life was also shown at the Direct, and it's also getting similar representation options.

Who is the best to befriend in Stardew Valley? ›

Stardew Valley allows players to become friendly with the denizens of Pelican Town, and here are the best villagers to befriend early on.
  1. 1 Linus. Though he may be an outsider, Linus is one of the best friends the player can have.
  2. 2 Gus. ...
  3. 3 The Wizard. ...
  4. 4 Emily. ...
  5. 5 Pam. ...
  6. 6 Clint. ...
  7. 7 Willy. ...
  8. 8 George. ...
Aug 16, 2022

What does the dog statue do in Stardew Valley? ›

By unlocking the Sewers, the player will gain access to the Statue of Uncertainty. This strange shrine allows them to change Professions as often as they'd like, for a price, of course. It can be beneficial to change Professions often.

Is Coopmaster or Shepherd better? ›

Is It Better To Choose Coopmaster Or Shepherd? Without taking into consideration case-specific factors, Shepherd is the more powerful profession of the two. It allows you to befriend barn animals more effectively, which is a more substantial buff as compared to befriending coop animals quickly.

Are animals more profitable than crops Stardew Valley? ›

Stardew Valley might be a farming game, but if you have ever scrolled through your profits at the end of a long day of farm work, you might have noticed a trend. The products produced from your farm animals, whether processed into goods or not, tend to sell for much higher than your standard crop.

Should I choose miner or geologist? ›

Ultimately, when choosing, you should consider your playstyle. If you value faster tool upgrades, Miner is great. If you value an early source of additional gold and gifts, the Geologist is the way to go!

Which fishing profession should I choose Stardew Valley? ›

Angler is the best choice for making money. Anyone who prefers to use Crab Pots will probably find Luremaster better than Mariner at Level 10. Not having to stock Bait into the Crab Pots every day is a dream.

Should I upgrade my AXE or pickaxe first Stardew Valley? ›

By visiting Clint, the blacksmith in the southeast end of town, you can upgrade the following tools: your pickaxe, your axe, your trash can, your watering can, and your hoe. The upgrades always go in this order: basic to copper, copper to steel, steel to gold, and gold to iridium. Each level cannot be skipped.

Who is the best Stardew Valley girl? ›

Abigail might be considered a bit of a weirdo by a lot of players, but there's a reason why. She's also seen as the "best girl" of Stardew Valley. Not only is she iconic, but she also has her own unique style and strong personality.

What is the most fun farm in Stardew? ›

The four corners farm is the best farm type in Stardew Valley. Though there are benefits to some of the other farm types in Stardew Valley, the four corners farm is the best. From a money-focused perspective, the only good choices for farms in Stardew Valley are the standard farm and four corners farm.


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